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As a nonpartisan institution, UConn takes seriously its responsibility to serve as a welcoming and respectful forum for discussion and debate, both on its physical campuses and in its extended community online. The University does not endorse or oppose particular candidates or political parties, nor does it take an institutional stance on contents of campaign platforms.  As students, you are welcome to express your opinion and engage in free speech.  You are welcome and encouraged to utilize your voice and actions to safely represent and support your interests and ideas.  Campus media, including op-eds in the Daily Campus, hosting events, painting the Rock, and watch parties are all examples of expression.  You are reminded, however, to consider the impact of your words and actions.  Students who need to report an incident to the university are encouraged to utilize

Important Information for Students: Voting in Connecticut

Some members of our student population have not yet registered to vote and would like to do so as the election approaches. Given this, each year around election time there are numerous questions about how to register, cast a ballot in Connecticut, or get an absentee ballot, especially for students who live on the Storrs campus or in the Town of Mansfield.

In-Person Voting
Students can register to vote using the address they live at while attending UConn, including if they live on campus. If students use their local address to register, they will vote in person on election day. Students also have the option to register using their home address, whether that's in Connecticut or another state. If a student chooses to register with their home address and doesn't plan to be there on election day, they must apply for an absentee ballot.

Absentee Ballots
If a student's home address is in Connecticut, their
 vote-by-mail application must be received by the municipal clerk by the 7th day before Election Day (November 1, 2022). If you submit it electronically, you must also mail the printed, signed copy to your clerk. Absentee ballots can be returned by mail or in-person at the municipal clerk's office or at a secure drop box location and must be received by the clerk by the close of polls (8 pm) on Election Day.

If a student's home address is in a state other than Connecticut, they should check their state's Secretary of State website for more information on absentee ballot requirements and deadlines. Visit this link to request an absentee ballot for any state.

Absentee ballots and applications can be mailed at the Storrs Post Office located at 9 Charles Smith Way in Storrs. For students registered to vote in Mansfield, an official ballot drop box is located outside the Mansfield Town Hall just off the Storrs campus at 4 South Eagleville Road, on the corner of Route 195 and South Eagleville. The box is by the back door nearest the parking lot.

Helpful Links

Here is a link to Campus Vote Project's Student Voting Guides by State, which have specific information on registration, when, where, and how to vote, what you need to vote, and more specifically designed for students.

If you are registered to vote in Connecticut and intend to vote in person but aren’t sure where your polling place is, visit this site.

If you are an out-of-state student seeking to register to vote, you can visit this site for details specific to your state.