About Community Outreach

Our Mission

Community Outreach’s mission is to enrich learning at the University of Connecticut through preparing students to be active global citizens by engaging them in service activities that enhance the quality of life for both others and themselves.

Philosophies and Core Values:

Organizational Effectiveness:

  • Reciprocity: Community Outreach will strive to support the mutual partnership with the University and the wider community with both parties acknowledged as equal partners in teaching and learning. Students will aim to work with, rather than for the community.
  • Stakeholder Voice: Community Outreach will aim to support community based projects that address a real need as identified by the community and meet the needs of students.
  • Collaboration: Community Outreach will create quality community based service projects which includes partnerships between students, faculty, staff and the wider community.
  • Communication: To ensure strong on going partnerships with the University and our partners, Community Outreach staff will support on going communication with community partners and students in developing and implementing projects.
  • Accountability: The goals and objectives of students’ service projects will be clearly defined and each partner’s roles and responsibilities clarified.

Student Health and Well-being: Community Outreach will strive to ensure that students are emotionally, mentally and physically healthy, have the ability to make responsible choices and take responsibility for their own safety and wellbeing.

Diversity:  Community Outreach will aim to promote diversity and student development while enhancing skills and knowledge to serve in diverse communities.

Student Engagement: Community Outreach will strive to support students in their development as citizens and future leaders through meaningful service activities, education and personal development opportunities.

Welcoming and Inclusive Community: Community Outreach will work to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for student leaders and participants. 

Meaningful Service Opportunities: Community Outreach will strive to maintain consistent programming across all opportunities by incorporating orientation, training, supervision, meaningful service activities, reflection, recognition and assessment into all programs.

All CO programs are student led. Over 100 students hold formal leadership positions.
Student leaders are an integral part to the success of Community Outreach programs. Students take on leadership roles for all of our service and operational functions. They design and implement activities that meet client needs and recruit, train, and supervise volunteers and work-study employees. The coordinator positions also comprise the Executive Board, which works on projects that support student leaders and Community Outreach as a whole.

Community Outreach offers the following services:

  • One-time and regular service programs that meet self-identified community needs.
  • Volunteer and federal work-study positions in local human service agencies and schools.
  • Professional and leadership development for participants and coordinators.
  • Advising for individual students, student organizations, faculty and staff who desire assistance in developing a service-related project.
  • A point of access for community partners wishing to engage the UConn student body in public and community service initiatives.


Our Staff

Community Outreach Programs, Services, and Initiatives has a team of professional staff members and graduate assistants who support the work of student coordinators, advise and assist students with community service-related issues, and liaison with community based organizations.


miguel colon web

Miguel Colón
Associate Director for Community Outreach Programs, Services, and Initiatives

terry web

Terry Troy
Site Coordinator for Jumpstart Preschool Literacy Program

Annamaria Arteaga web

Anamaria Arteaga
Graduate Assistant

Santana Mowbray web

Santana Mowbray
Graduate Assistant, Careers for the Common Good

brian chebro web

Brian Chebro
Coordinator of Transportation Services for Community Outreach

erin mcmahon web

Erin McMahon
Interim Coordinator of Health and Human Services Community Outreach Programs, Campus Dialogues and Democracy and Political Engagement Initiatives, & Community Outreach Student Leader Learning

Arnold Kanyangonda CO Photo 1

Arnold Kanyangonda
Graduate Assistant

Roderick Smith web

Roderick Smith
Graduate Assistant

jasmine web

Jasmine Clayton
Site Coordinator for Jumpstart Preschool Literacy Program

brianna gavigan

Brianna Gavigan
Interim Coordinator of Alternative Breaks & Community Service Days

Jazmyn Matos web

Jazmyn Matos
Graduate Assistant

Our Student Executive Board

co leaders

Student leaders are an integral part to the success of community outreach programs and the coordinator positions comprise the Executive Board, which works on projects that support student leaders and Community Outreach as a whole.

The Executive Board serves to:

  • Recognize the needs of the Community Outreach staff and leaders
  • Act as a liaison among Community Outreach programs
  • Develop student leadership
  • Educate our peers by addressing concerns
  • Promote communication and facilitate new initiatives