Rental Rates

UConn Department of Student Activities (DSA) offers Vehicle Rental Services through the area of Community Outreach Programs, Services, and Initiatives. Our fleet consists of 6, 11, and 14 passenger vehicles. Handicapped accessible vehicles are also available. Rental services are available to University departments and student organizations that follow the mission of Community Outreach.

Guidelines for eligibility to rent these vehicles are outlined below. Scheduling priority will be given to the Department of Student Activities areas and Student Organization requests. Consideration will then be given to requests from other departments that emphasize academic service learning and service based activities based upon availability of drivers and vehicles.

Basic Criteria for Recognized Student Organization Rental of Student Activities Vehicles

  • Travel purpose is consistent with the mission of the organization and approved by the organization’s adviser:
  • Organization must be recognized and currently in good standing with The Department of Student Activities through the Leadership and Organizational Development Programs, Services, and Initiatives area and be in good standing:
  • Organization must have an account with Department of Student Activities Business programs, services and initiatives area and be in good standing
  • Events are drug and alcohol free.

Basic Criteria for all other UConn Departments and Areas

  • Travel purpose is for academic service learning or service based initiative.


These requests will be reviewed for consideration based on availability.  Requests must be submitted 2-3 weeks prior to needing a vehicle.

Rental requests will no longer be considered for other activities.

Community Outreach retains the right to deny use of a vehicle if in its sole opinion safe vehicle operation cannot be ensured due to weather/road conditions or there has been a past failure of the organization/renter to follow Community Outreach policies or procedures.

For additional questions on the rental policies and procedures please contact Brian Chebro; Coordinator of Transportation services for Community Outreach. Brian can be reached at or 486-1165.

Transportation Request Form

Rental Rates

mini van
Total seats including driver: 7
  • Daily Rate: $65
  • Weekly Rate (work week): $292.50
  • Weekly Rate (calendar week): $409.50
  • Driver Hourly Rate: $15
  • Mileage Rate: $0.54**

cargo van
Cargo van*
Total seats including driver: 12
  • Daily Rate: $90
  • Weekly Rate (work week): $405
  • Weekly Rate (calendar week): $567
  • Driver Hourly Rate: $15
  • Mileage Rate: $0.54**

mini bus
Mini bus*
Total seats including driver: 15
  • Daily Rate: $125
  • Weekly Rate (work week): $630
  • Weekly Rate (calendar week): $882
  • Driver Hourly Rate: $15
  • Mileage Rate: $0.54**


* Requires a Community Outreach driver or equivalent.
** Current state mileage rate (subject to change).