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Coins for a Cause

Department of Student Affairs

Community Outreach Programs, Services and Initiatives
Terms of Agreement of for Student Organizations

General Description: Coins for a Cause is a collaboration effort between Dining Services, Community Outreach, Student Activities Business Services, and various UConn student organizations to raise funds for non-profit organizations. Funds are collected each month through donation boxes located in select Dining Services locations.

Student organizations must abide to the following responsibilities, qualifications, and terms that are listed below:


  • Complete a Coins for a Cause application and submit it.
  • Designate a member from your student organization to serve as main contact person to coordinate with Community Outreach, Business Services, and Dining Services.
  • Appointed designee must meet with Community Outreach staff to review guidelines and qualifications.
  • Provide Community Outreach with your organization seal/logo and the information for marketing via email.
  • Consult with the designated Community Outreach staff to reserve a day for the coin collection process, based on the needs of all involved parties.
  • Meet for a second time, 1 week before counting date, to verify coin count individuals and agree upon donation letter.

On designated coin count date:

  1. Provide 1-2 people to help sort and count the coins on the designated day.
  2. Deposit collections into your Student Activities Business Services account, on the day of the change drop off.

A check for the deposited amount must be ready to be sent within 10 business days (note: some exceptions can be made based on the set up of the Student Organization) from the count date. The Student Organization will bring the check to Community Outreach SU 302. The check will be sent with a signed letter by Community Outreach and the Student Organization representative.


  • Be a registered student organization with the University of Connecticut’s Office of Student Activities.
  • Have an open & non-restricted account with Student Activities Business Services.
  • Have established contact with a selected, registered, non-profit organization that you would like to be considered for philanthropy of the month. This organization must not discriminate against any race, religion, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation.


Donations collected may be forfeited if:

  • Organization seal/logo and information for marketing materials are not received before the month of sponsorship
  • No member from the sponsoring student organization participates in the coin collection process Organization representation does not adhere to attendance format during Business Services coin drop.

Special Request:

Student groups/organization may be asked to consider donating the proceeds from the coin collection to a non-profit organization dealing with a current relief effort.

Terms of Agreement: By applying to fundraise for a charity, you agree to abide to the responsibilities, qualifications, terms and consider any “special request” made by the Community Outreach Staff member as stated in this agreement.


Applications for this academic year are closed.  Please check back for the application in August of 2018 and thank you for your interest!